Black Painted Kitchen Cabinets with Reddish Sheen

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Black painted kitchen cabinets – Repainting the cabinets goes a long way in updating the look of the entire kitchen. Combine the depth of black with rich red to give your cabinets a similar dark mahogany classic look. Applying the black as a semi-transparent glaze allows light plays with red tones, giving subtle iridescence cabinets.

Make sure the cabinets are prepared properly, including removal of hardware and sanding or stripping any old finish before starting. Apply a coat of primer. Let the primer dry. Paint the cabinets with a coat of red paint. Choose from any rich or saturated red curtain. Options include coral, ruby and grenadine. For a more natural look, choose a brownish red. Using satin, no glitter, red to ensure proper adhesion of enamel paint.

Let the red layer is then dry paint a second coat to match the coverage and enrich the tone. Mix a black enamel paint black medium combining glazing. Choose medium brightness glazing so the finish will have a lustrous sheen. For darker black painted kitchen cabinets with only traces of red display, use a painting part, with three and four parts glazing medium.

For a little lighter cabinets redder revealed, use one part paint with five to six parts about half glazing. Paint the glaze over the red. Working in long, even strokes while making sure that the enamel gets into all cracks and crevices. Work quickly, as the wet glaze enamel paint dries quickly and can cause dry spots on lap marks. Apply a second coat of enamel on the first, after it dries, only if further black painted kitchen cabinets desired.

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